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JUKI 761、781 Keyhole machine
JUKI 373、377 Buttoning Machine Series
JUKI 1850 Noose machine
JUKI 1903 Buttoning Machine Series
防彈玻璃,Flex Banner,factory lighting
Company Profile
    Since reform and opening-up, the fittings trade of sewing machine of our country has developed rapidly, China has already become the biggest sewing machine fittings producing country in the world, the output occupies the first place in the world, foreign exchange earning increases steadily, the fittings trade of the sewing machine is the social progress, for making enormous contribution abundantly and has improved the people's lives.
   Dongyang Huanan Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. located in Dongyang city tiger deer is it buy city industrial park to sew, the communications and transportation extend in all direction, it is very convenient.
   With " reputation first , quality first , the highest customer " it is a aim " have company, "" it is policies in the small profits and quick turnover. Offer and constantly improved products and service high-qualitily, meet demands of user. Company specialize in all kinds of cut out , not flat to sew , is it sew , wrap up equipment , accessories of sewing etc. , and have a whole set of assembly line equipment accessories to split open both at home and abroad. More than 1,200,000 pieces of business of annual foreign trade. The quality of the part has been in leading position all the time in the domestic same trade. Receive unanimous favorable comment of the internal and external customer of every sea.
   In order to improve the quality of the part further, in order to meet all old and new customers' demand, the company has acquired a large number of specialities and processed the equipment in recent years. Have formed the service lines of specialization of different parts. Make the company establish in an unassailable position all the time. Welcome the masses of old and new customers and sea internal and external friends from all walks of life come guidance wholeheartedly, it is long-term to set up with our company, friendly cooperation.
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